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Throughout their time as BSAK, our students are supported by an extensive network of staff, who are responsible for their emotional and physical wellbeing.  

The pastoral care of our students is an integral part of learning and students are guided and supported by all staff to ensure that they feel safe and happy at school. We take the view that positive mental health and wellbeing is everybody’s concern and that we all have a role to play. We do this within a supportive and caring ethos which models respect and kindness and where every individual is valued. 

We care about our community and it is one of our values that we notice when others are in need.

Moral Education and Learning Skills (MELS)

Our MELS curriculum is a planned programme of learning that helps our students and young people develop life skills and an aptitude to face every day and extraordinary situations with more confidence.

It supports academic learning and helps the School promote the social, moral, cultural and spiritual development of our students.

It’s a sustained programme that ensures that students have the opportunities to develop qualities that they need to flourish as individuals, with friends and families and as members of a wider community and society. Students across the School are empowered to develop their skills in emotional intelligence, perseverance, self-management, self-respect, time-management, financial capability, risk taking and stress management - as well as conflict resolution.

Experienced Counselling

Our experienced Counsellor is available to all students within the School, providing them with an opportunity to talk in confidence about all aspects of their social, emotional and personal wellbeing or issues that may be worrying them about their day to day life. 



We have our own licensed Nursing Clinic which is staffed by three School Nurses and two Nursing Administrators. The nursing team works closely with the School counselor and pastoral leads providing holistic care and a safe School environment. As a licensed clinic we adhere to all local health authority regulations and follow evidence based health care policies and procedures, both from the UK and UAE.


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