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PO Box 4001,
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

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We have a very ambitious Purpose and are committed to striving to achieve it. In order to do this our strategic plan will keep us focussed, on course and challenged.

Our Purpose 

A community committed to inspiring our students to create an impactful legacy 

Our Mission 

We nurture a genuine passion for learning. Providing the best teachers, leadership and support in a not-for-profit environment 

Our Value Statements

So much of what makes BSAK exceptional comes from our core values, built on over 50 years of experience. To truly live our values, we have applied them to everything we do and this is described in the following statements: 


Endeavour & Resilience

At BSAK we are constantly curious, we work beyond our abilities, nurture our talents and develop a life-long love of learning.

We think critically, accept life’s challenges and take calculated risks in the pursuit of all that life offers. We adapt, cope and thrive within an ever-changing world.


Empathy & Care

We develop authentic bonds with others, by being open to learning alternative points of view.

We care about our school and community, and we add value by noticing when others are in need of care or attention.  



Respect & Inclusivity

We actively show respect for others while maintaining our own values and beliefs.

We act with fairness, ensuring we understand and promote equality, both within our school community and the wider world. 


Honesty & Integrity

We have the courage to be honest about our own shortcomings, and the grace to speak sincerely to all.

At BSAK we learn to be confident in our judgement and be accountable for our actions in our inspirational world.


Exceeding Expectations: Achieving beyond expectations, building the foundations for a life of happiness and success.

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