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We follow the House System of a traditional British Independent School. Houses offer a variety of opportunities which encourages team spirit, a healthy sense of competition and most importantly allow for vibrant self-expression throughout the School.  It is an integral part of life at BSAK and brings out the very best in our community.

We encourage a sense of fun, community and team spirit, celebrating ourselves and others for our effort and success.

There are numerous academic, sporting and musical events organised throughout the year, which involve Houses competing against each other for House points and the prestigious House Cup at the end of the academic year.

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Primary Houses

There are four Houses in the Primary School and each name is derived from an animal or bird from the Middle Eastern region: CORMORANT, DHABI, FALCON, and ORYX.  Every student is assigned to a House on entry from Year 1 which remains with them until Year 6, and family members are allocated the same House.

The House with the most House points for the month, celebrate by being allowed to wear their House colours and the children with the most House points are awarded a special badge and certificate and enjoy a fantastic ‘Breakfast with the stars’ event with the staff House leaders.

Cormorant House CORMORANT
Falcon House FALCON
Oryx House ORYX

Secondary Houses

There are six houses in the Secondary School, and names are derived from mythical creatures:  CENTAUR, CHIMERA, HYDRA, GRIFFIN, PEGASUS, and PHOENIX.  Every student is assigned to a House in Year 7 and remains with that House until Year 13.

Leadership and mentoring opportunities are numerous within the system.  There are twelve student Heads of House and two House Captains in each year group and they are supported by six staff Heads of House.

Griffin House GRIFFIN
Centaur House CENTAUR
Chimera House CHIMERA
Hydra House HYDRA
Pegasus House PEGASUS
Phoenix House PHOENIX

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