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Through dedicated support for each individual student, we invest in inspiring future leaders.

As well as reaching for academic excellence, there is a culture of giving and service at the core of our purpose, decisions and actions. 

With over 200 students, we offer an exceptional choice of A Levels, vocational and educational pathways and we are the only school in Abu Dhabi to offer three BTEC Level 3 Diploma qualifications in Business, Engineering and Sport.

Our students consistently achieve the top results in Abu Dhabi and our alumni go on to study at the most prestigious universities around the world. In our Sixth Form booklet, we present a broad range of quality courses to fit with your ambitions and career aspirations.

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BSAK Secondary Newsletter Cover Sixth Form Booklet

Sixth Form Curriculum

Our Sixth Form students have the option to choose from 23 different A Level subjects and 3 Specialist BTEC Level 3 Diploma courses in Engineering, Business Studies and Sport.

This provides our students with the widest choice in Abu Dhabi and allows them to tailor their time at the Sixth Form to what they need for their future aspirations

If a student is following the A Level route, they choose 3 subjects from our list and then study them for two years, completing their exams at the end of Year 13. A Levels still represent the most common route for students through the Sixth Form and onto University. 

When taking the BTEC route (which counts as 2 A levels), students choose 1 BTEC and 1 other A Level.  BTEC is accepted by 95% of UK universities and over 25% of students entering university last year did so with a BTEC qualification. It represents a wonderful alternative to A Levels for those who want to take a practical, non-examination, vocational route, either into university or straight into the workplace.

Careers Advice

Our Sixth Form students benefit from one-to-one advice from our qualified and experienced full time, Careers and University Adviser.

We have an extensive careers and university programme with an exceptional track record of supporting our students to go on to the very best and most competitive universities and courses in the UK and around the World.

Our students and parents benefit from the personal support of their tutor to guide them through the process, which is superbly supported by Unifrog, our specialist university and careers software programme.

As part of the BSAK Diploma, Year 12 students participate in fortnightly careers workshops. These focus on supporting students to develop an awareness of their strengths, interests and areas for development. It is also an opportunity to learn about the different post-18 options available and begin the application process. 

This support is available to all year groups at BSAK.

The careers department is also involved in the organisation of work experience for year 10; GCSE option choices for Year 9 and A-Level option choices for Year 11.

Individual Approach

We have dedicated programmes for Oxbridge, Medics and Ivy League applicants, to support them through the additional demands of these application programmes. In addition, we have a strong programme of support for students applying to the US and have a good success record of students going to Ivy League universities. 

Moreover, we understand the needs of a diverse student body and can support students wherever they wish to apply or an alternative career once they have left BSAK. In the past our students have gone on to Canada, Australia, Germany, France, South Korea and the Netherlands, to name but a few.  

Sixth Form Enrichment

At BSAK we passionately believe that a truly exceptional education requires much more than the pursuit of academic qualifications. A balanced, holistic and well-rounded education is central to our values and provision.

BSAK Future Leaders Diploma

The BSAK Future Leader’s Diploma aims to equip our students with 21st century skills to not only succeed but to make their mark in the world. Students should leave BSAK ready and able to deal with the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world and to make the most of the opportunities that surround them.

University and Careers Preparation

Comprehensive provision and support to successfully apply for higher education institutions and courses anywhere around the world, work experience and careers guidance are also key elements of this.

Key Skill Development: Self-confidence, communication skills, initiative and self –direction, digital competence, independent learning.

Extended Learning, Including EPQ

Opportunities to extend and enhance learning beyond the curriculum is the purpose of this pillar. A comprehensive study skills programme, the well-regarded AS Level, Extended Project Qualification, wide-ranging MOOC courses offered by universities, an academic lecture programme, critical thinking and ‘theory of knowledge courses’ all feature in this pillar and provide students with a myriad of options to ensure they stand out from the crowd.

Key Skill Development: Critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, independent learning and self-direction.

Global Citizenship and Service

Ensuring students understand and are able to play a full role in the world is the purpose of this pillar. UAE citizenship and Global citizenship are two features of our provision here. Understanding the values and the culture of the country in which they live and how they can contribute to it is emphasised through the ‘service’ and community aspects of this pillar, in addition to moral and ethical education.  

Key Skill Development: Cultural awareness / citizenships, collaboration / teamwork, leadership and responsibility, global and environmental awareness.


Preparing our students with the skills and abilities to be the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ is the core focus within this pillar. A practical leadership course, a wide range of leadership roles and opportunities along with the opportunity to take a Mini MBA provided through Abu Dhabi University are some of the extensive opportunities offered.

Key Skill Development: Leadership and responsibility, collaboration and teamwork , self-confidence, problem solving, entrepreneurship, communication, independent learning.


In addition to the BSAK Diploma we run an extensive co-curriculum which is viewed as essential to the overall holistic learning experience at BSAK. Students are actively encouraged to engage in the wide range of activities available to them outside of the academic curriculum. Across the whole school, Sport, Music, Creative & Performing Arts departments offer exciting experiences for all years.

Academic Societies

Academic Societies offer the chance for students to supplement their academic learning – GeogSoc, MedSoc, World Scholars and the Arabic Society are a few that the school offers- assisting our Sixth Form students to develop their interests and knowledge in preparation for University. Our Debating programme is well established and actively involved in events throughout the UAE with other schools.

Academic Societies at BSAK Academic Societies

Secondary Inclusion Department

At BSAK we aim to celebrate uniqueness and neurodiversity.  The Inclusion Department is an integral part of the Secondary School at BSAK and our approach is entirely child-centred according to students’ individual needs.  As a department, we foster a warm and supportive environment and work hard to promote an inclusive approach across the School towards different learning profiles.

We understand that every child is unique.  We embrace this and work proactively and supportively to ensure that strengths are harnessed and built upon and that barriers to learning are identified to ensure the best outcomes for all of our students.  At our core, we’re dedicated to nurturing self confidence and equipping students with the skills and strategies required for independent learning.  We work hard to support the whole child through their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.  

The Inclusion Department offers a personalised programme tailored specifically for each student.  We fully embrace a multi-disciplinary approach and support staff to cater for the individual needs of our students through staff guidance and training and the sharing of key information through Pupil Profiles and Individual Learning Plans.  Our experienced Inclusion Teachers and Assistants form strong relationships with students and teachers and their work is based on a deep knowledge of the curriculum, our students and the resources available. 

Our specialists collaborate closely with students, parents, class teachers, specialist teachers, the pastoral team and, where necessary, coordinate with external providers to meet the needs of our students.  We also work with other professionals across the school to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all students.  Learners with more significant needs will have an Individual Learning Plan which will be created through collaboration between the student, staff and parents.  

We are here to ensure that every student feels supported, valued and ready to excel on their unique learning journey.  Welcome to a place where students truly come first.

The Inclusion Department is based on UK best practice and is underpinned by the SEN Code of Practice (2015) and the Equality Act (2010).  


Frances Marshall, Head of Secondary Inclusion Department

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