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Through outstanding academic, sport, music and performing arts programmes, and wide co-curricular activities, we inspire our students to become independent thinkers, learn how to get along with others, and gain the foundations for a lifetime of learning.

The secondary experience at BSAK is one that challenges our students to achieve their very best in all that they do. There is a plethora of opportunities to challenge, excite and encourage our students to develop their learning journey.

In addition to academic excellence, BSAK encourages everyone to get involved in leadership opportunities and activities outside of the classroom. Resilience, hard work, creativity and passion are all key to the development of the students at BSAK.  We encourage the development of independence and highly effective personal qualities that will enable our students to engage with the range of people that they are likely to meet through our global approach to education.

These future leaders get the start they deserve at BSAK secondary and we look forward to seeing our students develop through the BSAK experience and access the highest-ranking universities around the world.


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Secondary Year Group Information

Year 7

Emma Hand
Head of Year 7

The transition from Primary to Secondary School is a big step in a student's educational journey.

Our head of Year 7 is supported by a strong pastoral team of six experienced form tutors, who work closely with the students, encouraging, supporting and guiding them throughout the year.

The majority of students starting Year 7 in September will have experienced many lessons in the Secondary School during a two week transition period at the end of Term 3.

From this initial introduction they grow and develop as successful learners and confident individuals within a community that expects and delivers the highest standards.


Tutor Groups

Dr Joe Noyes | 7CE

Mrs Naomi Foster & Miss Hiba Alkurdi | 7CH

Mr Brian Hogan | 7CH

Mrs Idil Kilic | 7HY

Miss Wendy Baskett | 7PE

Mrs Uzma Khan | 7PH

Year 8

Leah Hunkin
Head of Year 8

In Year 8, students build upon the foundation of Year 7 to grow in confidence as active, engaging young people who enjoy the intellectual challenges of the curriculum.

The year is full of new adventures and as students develop greater independence, they are encouraged to broaden their horizons and experience all that BSAK has to offer through its extensive co-curricular programme.


Tutor Groups

Mrs Ailbhe Gannon | 8CE

Mrs Sascha Dallas | 8CH

Mr Luke O’Boyle | 8GR

Mr George Meechan | 8HY

Mr James Bertrand | 8PE

Madam Anecha Mathieu | 8PH 

Year 9

Julian Brammer
Head of Year 9

The transition into Year 9 presents an ideal opportunity to push educational boundaries and continue to develop interests and hobbies beyond the classroom.

The Year 9 curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for students to experience the broader world in a more independent manner and develop a passion for life and learning.

A key focus for students this year is making positive choices for their future and our Year 9 pastoral team is here to fully support them through the GCSE options process.


Tutor Groups

Mr Musharraf Tanvir | 9CE

Miss Hazel McConnell | 9CH 

Mr Thomas Smith | 9GR

Miss Beth Lowe | 9HY

Mrs Erin O’Neill | 9PE

Mr Jonathan Sterling | 9PH

Year 10

Sarah Noray
Head of Year 10

Year 10 is a very exciting year for students. As they embark on their chosen GCSE courses, they can stretch themselves academically and still find a balance, embracing the many opportunities that the wider school environment presents.

With the attentive support they receive from staff and parents, this is a time of real growth.


Tutor Groups

Mrs Magda Bienka (Cover Mrs Marina Zaballa) | 10CE

Mrs Charlotte McIlroy | 10CH

Mr Craig Smith | 10GR

Mr Paul Sewill | 10HY

Mrs Josephine Eaves | 10PE

Mr Graham Murray | 10PH

Year 11

Mike Edgar
Head of Year 11

Year 11 is a very important and demanding year in which students will take public examinations in May and June in all of their GCSE subjects.

We work together as a close knit team to support them to give their very best in the exams, as well as preparing them for life beyond GCSEs.


Tutor Groups

Mr Jon Mason & Ms Duaa Adaci | 11CE

Mrs Isabel Garcia & Mr Hisham Abdullatif | 11CH

Mrs Helen Monaghan-Greene & Mr Gethin Richards | 11GR

Mr James Bentley & Mrs Shabina Saleem | 11HY

Mrs Kathryn Mayall & Mr Sonny Zimmer | 11PE

Mrs Rima Schooley & Mrs Amal Amer | PH

More about GCSE at BSAK

GCSE Roadmap 2022
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Secondary Inclusion Department

At BSAK we aim to celebrate uniqueness and neurodiversity.  The Inclusion Department is an integral part of the Secondary School at BSAK and our approach is entirely child-centred according to students’ individual needs.  As a department, we foster a warm and supportive environment and work hard to promote an inclusive approach across the School towards different learning profiles.

We understand that every child is unique.  We embrace this and work proactively and supportively to ensure that strengths are harnessed and built upon and that barriers to learning are identified to ensure the best outcomes for all of our students.  At our core, we’re dedicated to nurturing self confidence and equipping students with the skills and strategies required for independent learning.  We work hard to support the whole child through their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.  

The Inclusion Department offers a personalised programme tailored specifically for each student.  We fully embrace a multi-disciplinary approach and support staff to cater for the individual needs of our students through staff guidance and training and the sharing of key information through Pupil Profiles and Individual Learning Plans.  Our experienced Inclusion Teachers and Assistants form strong relationships with students and teachers and their work is based on a deep knowledge of the curriculum, our students and the resources available. 

Our specialists collaborate closely with students, parents, class teachers, specialist teachers, the pastoral team and, where necessary, coordinate with external providers to meet the needs of our students.  We also work with other professionals across the school to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all students.  Learners with more significant needs will have an Individual Learning Plan which will be created through collaboration between the student, staff and parents.  

We are here to ensure that every student feels supported, valued and ready to excel on their unique learning journey.  Welcome to a place where students truly come first.

The Inclusion Department is based on UK best practice and is underpinned by the SEN Code of Practice (2015) and the Equality Act (2010).  


Frances Marshall, Head of Secondary Inclusion Department 

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