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Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

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Fine Minds

Fine Minds

We foster a welcoming environment for our BSAK families, that is genuinely friendly and happy. The School's inclusive community spirit, in which everyone is valued, embraces diversity and empathy. 

All students in BSAK Primary School are encouraged to achieve their best in academic, sporting and creative fields, whilst at the same time developing their social skills; manners, a respect for each other and those around them, kindness, helpfulness and a willingness to participate for the benefit of others.
Achievement and laughter are our trade marks!

Children are central to all we do and our school is a way of life for all students.  We are in the business of teaching children to a high standard, turning them into confident and interested learners.
It is not just our heritage and facilities that mark out our school; it is the atmosphere and happiness that runs throughout our community.

We are a lively, busy, happy and hardworking school where our students are helped to develop a ‘growth mind-set’ and achieve the best they can.


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Primary Curriculum

Our curriculum offers the best of the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum of England; adapted to the specific educational setting in the United Arab Emirates.

Outstanding student performance in the academics is underpinned by the innovative teaching of 21st Century skills and competencies and the promotion of strong morals and values across the school.

The subjects of the National curriculum and the UAE Curriculum are effortlessly intertwined and provide a rich and rounded experience for all.

We are proud to embrace and celebrate British and Emirati culture within our curriculum, as well as the other diverse cultures of the students in our school.  The effective use of digital resources in many guises and across all departments provides opportunities for students to learn in scenarios beyond what has traditionally been imagined.

We are proud of our curriculum and are excited to continually review and innovate in order to enrich it even further.

Primary Inclusion


Inclusion at BSAK is holistic and child-centred: tailored to offer individual support to meet the needs of our children. The Inclusion department comprises 3 qualified Special Educational Needs Teachers supported by a large team of Inclusion Assistants. These assistants work either 1:1 with a child or within a year group offering support to children which is additional to or different from their peers. 

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, the team works closely with class teachers, Heads of Year, Inclusion Assistants, Senior Leaders, school counsellors, Educational Psychologists, Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and medical professionals, amongst others to ensure that the needs of every child are met.  Children identified with a Special Educational Need or Disability are given an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is reviewed regularly as children make progress with their targets. 

We take our lead from the British Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (2014) and we use the Assess, Plan, Do, Review model to ensure our support for children is effective and relevant. Our aim is to identify the strengths of, and obstacles to, learning for individual students to ensure that they develop the skills and strategies needed for independent learning.

We nurture students’ self-confidence and support them to build positive perceptions of themselves as learners.

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